Locally-manufactured electric buses hit the streets of Uganda [Photos]

Photo: newvisionwire/twitter

Electric buses made by students of the Makerere University in Uganda have now hit the road with improved health guidelines as the country battles Covid-19. The bus, called The Kayoola EVS Bus, was reportedly produced in January last year.

According to local media, the EVS bus has an onboard Wi-Fi to ensure the travelers stay connected, USB charging ports to enable charging of traveler’s display boards for timely and accurate information dissemination.

Kiira Motors, who assembled the buses, have equity partners made up of the Government of the Republic of Uganda represented by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (96%) and Makerere University (4%).

The company, which is made up of students from the Makerere University has also produced the Kiira EV, Kiira EV SMACK – the first electric hybrid vehicle to be designed and built in Africa, as well as, the Kayoola which is Africa’s first solar powered bus.

Photo: newvisionwire/twitter

According to the company, the production of the bus, “provides an unprecedented opportunity for participation of a wide range of local manufacturers making components to feed the production line at the Kiira vehicle plant addressing the key aspects of Supply Chain Localization and engendering import substitution.”


Ugandans are upbeat about the news. According to soft power, the buses have an operating cost per KM of 0.084 cent as compared to a diesel bus equivalent with cost per kilometer of 0.44 cent.

Photo: Zimbabwe Voice


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