Meet Liberia’s Only Female Taxi Driver

Jacob Eagan Bright June 13, 2016
Last Edited by:Sandra Appiah Updated: June 13, 2016

Ola Kinde is the only female commercial driver in Liberia

Ola Kinde is the only female commercial driver in Liberia

F2FA: What can you term as positive outcomes of your driving?
Ola: Many women have come to me, wanting me to teach them driving, want to be like me. Many men have asked me to get married to them, and I declined. I have managed to build about three 4-bedroom houses, I send my daughter to one of the high-cost universities here. Now I have a taxi I drive for myself and a bus. I am happy I have money all the time to settle my problems.

F2FA: Why have you declined men’s proposals for marriage?
Ola: I am not sure there is anything I want from a man now. Marrying a man now will tie me down and prevent my advancement into many plans I have. But don’t misunderstand me, I should have a male friend when I feel it’s necessary.

F2FA: Where did you derive your inspiration from?
Ola: God and the president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. God is my strength all and every day, and in humankind, our president is my idol. If she can rule a tough country like Liberia, then I can do anything I want as well.

F2FA: What word can you leave for Liberian women and what do you think the future holds for Liberian women?
Ola: I can only talk to those women thinking acting soft and looking up to male folks is the answer. [They] should wake up and face the reality that there is no free lunch, and your hands are the only friends that can support you. The future of Liberian women looks a lot brighter, if things continue the way it is at the moment. We hope the next president will continue to support women’s independence and self-development.

F2FA: Ola Kinde, thank you so much for your time.
Ola: I am happy you found me today, and thank you.


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