Neo-Nazi teen who called Prince Harry ‘race traitor’ for marrying Meghan jailed

Etsey Atisu June 19, 2019

Michal Szewczuk, 19, a Neo-Nazi (far-right) teenager is going to be spending his next four years and three months in detention in a young offenders institution after he was found guilty at Old Bailey in London.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of encouraging terrorism and five counts of possessing terrorist material, the UK’s Counter-Terrorism Policing (CTP) unit confirmed in a statement.

The teenager, who is of Polish descent but lives in Leeds, northern England, also wrote an “extremely violent and aggressively misogynistic” blog which attempted to justify the rape of women and children in the pursuit of an Aryan race, the court heard.

In 2018, a BBC investigation revealed how Szewczuk had made media posts accusing Prince Harry of being a “race traitor”. The post appeared on social media with an edited image of the Duke with a gun to his head and red bloodstained background as well as a swastika symbol.

His “See Ya Later Race Traitor” post was just months before Harry married Meghan, whose mother is African-American.

Neo-Nazi teen who called Prince Harry ‘race traitor’ for marrying Meghan jailed
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Szewczuk, who was studying computer science at Portsmouth University, was arrested at his hall of residence, while Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski, whose posts included support for Anders Breivik, the Norwegian far-right terrorist who killed 77 people in 2011 and material threatening the ethnic cleansing of Albanians.

Dunn-Koczorowski, 18, from West London, received an 18-month detention and training order after admitting to two counts of encouraging terrorism, CTP confirmed.

Szewczuk and Dunn-Koczorowski “see themselves as superior to the majority of society” and “feel their duty is to express their beliefs, in turn teaching others,” that’s according to Detective Chief Superintendent Martin Snowden, who is head of CTP North East. neo-nazi

Neo-Nazi teen who called Prince Harry ‘race traitor’ for marrying Meghan jailed
Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski, left, and Michael Szewczuk were sentenced at the Old Bailey for calling Prince Harry a ‘race traitor’ for marrying Meghan Markle, whose mother is an African-American/CNN

“The considerable amount of material they have posted on social media channels not only reflects their extremist beliefs but was intended to encourage others to carry out despicable acts,” he said in a statement.

Judge Rebecca Poulet, the presiding judge said Szewczuk’s images as “abhorrent as well as criminal by reason of their intention to encourage terrorist acts.” neo-nazi

“Individuals were urged to go out and commit appalling acts of violence on others for no reason that can ever be understood by any right-thinking individuals,” she told Szewczuk in court, according to PA.

In her remarks during her judgement to Dunn-Koczorowski, Poulet noted that he still held “deeply entrenched views in support of this extreme right-wing ideology.” This was a point that was echoed by his lawyer, David Kitson, who pointed to a medical report which stated that the teenager had a “lack of remorse.”

Poulet added that the targets of their posts included non-white people, the Jewish population and anyone “perceived to be complicit in the perpetuation of multi-culturalism.” neo-nazi

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