North Carolina man stages his own arrest to pull off a surprise marriage proposal

Stephen Nartey August 04, 2023
Image via new york post

When Shane Archie, a native of North Carolina, decided to organize a birthday party for his girlfriend, his intention was not only targeted at celebrating her special day but also to pull a memorable surprise. He wanted to shift from the traditional way of proposing with a knee bent down. He wanted something spectacular and outside the box for his partner, Shaquintta White, 38.

His way of making that bold step known was gate-crashing the party of his girlfriend in handcuffs with stern-looking men dragging him along. He managed to pull the stunt, but, ended up blowing the mind of his fiancé with a ring asking her to marry him.

Archie explained that he wanted it to be an epic, emotion-laced moment, and surprising at the same time. In a video that has gone viral, White is spotted with her emotions up the roof and completely taken aback. Archie is in a handcuff being restrained by two men wearing a gun and a badge. White approaches them after pulling through the crowd, and beckons to the men to stop manhandling her man, according to the New York Post.

Amid the chaos and confusion, White is allowed to approach Archie, who presents a ring and proposes to his fiancé, causing her to collapse in shock. Archie explained it was his way of making it up to her for the discomfort he caused her. Despite the explanation, it took some time for White to pull out of the shock.

It had to take her friends to reassure her she isn’t daydreaming. She later expressed her astonishment on Facebook, revealing her mix of emotions during the proposal. Despite her dramatic reaction, she was thrilled about the imaginative proposal and looks forward to marrying Archie.

The heartfelt moment left a lasting impression on both the couple and the partygoers. “This was the best birthday gift I could ever get … I will cherish this day for the rest of my life,” White said.

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