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North Carolina teens gifted with new home for helping with COVID-19 testing and education

The Adams brother were surprised with a new home for helping their community fight COVID-19. Photo: 6ABC

Raleigh in North Carolina is one of the riskiest and hardest-hit cities by COVID-19 in the U.S., and it has a good concentration of Black people. That community has obviously not been spared the strain of the coronavirus spread.

However, Black people are skeptical of tests and vaccination given the history of abuse suffered at the hands of white scientists who took to their job without a care for the humanity of Black people. But brothers Jordon and Levonte Adams are making a difference in their community by volunteering at test centers and helping sensitize the community to the virus.

“I’m hoping that people will realize that because of what we are doing in the community that they should come out and take it more serious,” said Jordon.

Dr. Anita Jackson and Diana Powell, whose nonprofit organization for underserved teens, Justice Served NC, is dedicated to educating more children from ethnic minority backgrounds in STEM courses, started the STEM Student CO-OiP- Community Outreach, Opportunities and Innovation Project which the Adams brothers have been part of.

“I trained them [the Adams brothers] about how to do COVID testing safely … how they didn’t need to be afraid of the virus but how COVID testing helps to protect you,” Jackson told Good Morning America

All their hard work of the boys did not go unnoticed by the Vero Diagnostics COVID-19 testing lab in Wake County, where they volunteer. Jackson, the doctor who trained them to help out at the center, and Powell together with Good Morning America, surprised the boys who come from a family of seven, with a new home last Friday.

“They didn’t know where they are going to go,” said Powell.

“They deserve more. They deserve better. It’s just amazing. They want to be able to still give back and serve their community. I think that’s a beautiful thing,” she added.

The Adams family has not had a stable home for the last four years. They have lived in and out of shelters and cars, after the matriarch of the house, Amber Adams, and their father, were furloughed at the peak of the pandemic.

“I’m really fortunate to have children like them. And I’m very thankful and grateful to everyone,” their mother said. “I was a bit jaded about humanity so this is very good timing — they’re so resilient and I appreciate their strength they’re really good boys.”

The family have been living in a hotel till now but they are about to be kicked out and this all-year expense paid house given to them with support from their community comes at the most opportune time.

Regardless of the difficulties at home, the brothers say they are inspired everyday by the tenacity of their mother to go out and serve their people.

“Our mom has been through so much, our dad too. Our mom handles it so well,” they said. “She’s my inspiration.”

They admit they have learnt a lot. The time spent at the testing site has aroused an interest they hope to pursue soon. Jordan looks at wearing the white coat and “shoot for being a doctor” whiles Lovonte would love to be a scientist.

 Lovonte and Jordan were both blown away by their new town home and were super grateful to everyone as they were presented with their gift together with their families.

“I don’t even know what to say, this is great,” Lovonte said. “It’s very overwhelming,” Jordon added.

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