Poem: School Through My Eyes

Naomi Zabasajja April 23, 2014

school poems

I’ll happily float in silence
Remain content in my armory of music and staring
Looking in to eyes
Reading minds
Some things not so kind
I remember feeling warm on the outside
But cold inside
And mystical fingers released my demons
These hallways love me
Its inhabitants raise their eyebrows at my presence school4
How they glue themselves to lockers
And plant themselves on hands and lips
I remain uprooted
A spectacle in the hearts of innocent-minded children
And dirty fornicating stereotypes
All finding themselves in the midst of white cinder blocks and vending machines
I remain uprooted
As a piece of me is in the pocket of everybody
It’s amazing how I fit in everywhere
But always end up within myself
While I observe with eyes that judge
Eyes that study
schoolStep with feet that refuse to run
But stealthily press down on tiles that seem to have more connections with the outer world than I
Lips that utter, “What’s ups,”
“How you doings”
Still finding no love
Is what I have for ’em.
Curiosity is what they have for me.

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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