BY Diolu Tobechukwu, 3:35pm April 22, 2014,

Poem: The Mighty Rise

Victory poems

Steve Jobs was born poor with no education, but in spite of all odds, he lived his dreams. Nick Vudicic was born without limbs, but in spite of all odds, he’s living his dream. Mary Kay Ash was born in to poverty, with no funds for education, but in spite of all odds, she lived her dream, explored her creative instincts, and never stopped trying. Folu Ayeni, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Paula White…the list is endless. We should quit playing the blame game: bad childhood, bad government, bad teachers, bad friends, bad parents, bad past, mistakes, bad wife/husbands, etc. Instead, we should pick it up, take responsibility, forgive freely, and move on. It’s never too late. Let your dreams inspire purpose, let your purpose bring about hope, and hope bring about joy, which brings about fulfillment.
You can be mighty again.

There’s so much to be learned
Plenty to be done
Not a bright idea to relent
Such oddity could leave you Undone
Such as the manner of some are
Being impassive, they deter
In the midst of plenty living a life of waste
In the midst of oceans dying of Taste
Factors around chokes the living springs
And brings to a halt the drive it brings
The Vision, the Passion in its entire volume
Crushed by negatives, Distractions and its entire column
If only He saw it coming
He would have Suited Up
O how quickly the mighty has fallen
No more are his loins Girded Up
But wait…
He hears a voice down the Hall
“It’s never Late……”
The mighty Rises when he falls
Although he has a bounty on his head
He also has a prepared way ahead
O, how I wish he could see
There’s so much to explore , so much he could be
Stronger and renewed, he can be mighty Again
Don’t let your dreams, aspirations, and struggles be in vain
True, time waits for no one,
Fact, there’s space in the sky for everyone
You’ll just have to dig a little deeper
Or maybe work a little harder
At that point where you’re about to give up
Look away from the past, look ahead, and brace up
With time what you seek you’ll find it
No one says the road would be easy

But you’ll see, it’ll be worth it
Find that track and Remain

You can be mighty Again

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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