Poem: The Answer to The Question

African Cosmos

A question was asked as a way to be definitely trapped.
The equation has a solution, in the meantime, finish your last lap!

People like us want to reach our fullest potential and abilities without being capped.
Another enigmatic matter was presented, your interlocutor was hoping that you flap.

It’s really time for us to take off and take care of ourselves and take time to care for our own nonstop.
Utopia, you are a mystery; will we be able to ever sleep or take a nap?

Know that its answer won’t fall in to your laps.
What’s your frame of mind, my fellow Africans and Americans and Asians and Australians and Europeans, as you face this field and these crops?

We have suffered for far too long, it’s time to [forever] live; doubts and pessimism: please stop!
What are our Mind-sets and why compromise on our Blessings and have our Faith cropped?
Everlasting Soul, Eternal Spirit, and Dear body that perishes, death has been overcome, drop by drop.

A question was asked, you found its answer after asking (yourself) more questions; in the name of Fundamental and Substantial changes, you can hold on to this divine calling and vocation, not just a (mere) job.

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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