Should Arranged Marriages Desist?

Sandra Appiah April 20, 2011

By Chioma Onyewuchi

We all know that the continent of Africa has the richest and most diverse cultural traditions and practices in the world. It is something that we should be proud of as it contributes to the many great attributes of being an African.

 However, some of our traditions definitely raise red flags, especially within the younger generation of Africans who do not understand the contemporary relevance of some of these practices.

Arranged Marriages is one of the things that to some Africans, has lost its relevance. Why should an individual be forced to live with another individual, most of the time, a stranger, for the rest of their lives? Isn’t marriage about love?

A lot of people are left confused when they are faced with the dilemma of following their traditions, but are being restrained by their heart desires or personal choices based on contemporary ideas.

How do we hold on to our unique cultural practices in a modern and more informed world? As Diaspora Africans, the idea of arranged marriages is shunned by the societies that we live in.

So how should the tradition of arranged marriages be addressed when our parents approach us on that note? What are your thoughts on this matter?



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