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Beauty Tips: Makeup Brushes

By: Renarda Joy

There are several types of brushes out there..synthetic is the popular and the cheapest, then we have sable, and goat & squirrel hair, just to name a few. We will cover 7 essential brushes that you should have…

  • Foundation Brush – it’s flat and allows you to glide liquid or cream foundation into your skin including around your nose and your frown lines. **You can also use disposable sponges, they are wedges that are slanted that will do the same.
  • Concealor Brush – it’s tapered at the end to allow you to be precise in what you’re trying to Beauty Tips: Makeup Brushesconceal.
  • Eye Shadow Brush – can be tapered or slightly fluffy, this brush allows you to pick up color and deposit smoothly on the lids and allows you to blend. When blending move back & forth in a windshield wiper motion.
  • Angle Brush – this brush is slanted, small and flat, it helps make eyeliner application easy and precise. Use this brush to define your lash line.
  • Blush Brush – allows you to evenly distribute, be sure to tap the excess of powder before applying to your face.
  • Kabuki Brush – dense and good for applying bronzer, which gives you a Sunkist look. This brush is good for buffing and making the skin look polished.
  • Lip Brush – allows the color to be smooth and gives great coverage causing you to use less product.

You don’t have to have multiple sets of brushes unless you travel a lot and want to have a mini brush set instead of hauling everything. When it comes to cleaning you need to purchase a good brush cleaner that’s not harsh, and make sure it’s environmentally friendly. Visit your local beauty supply store.

You should do a deep cleansing at least once per month, use baby shampoo, rinse and reshape and place on a dry towel to air dry. You’ll know when to replace your brushes, the bristles will start to fall off. If you maintain them with deep cleansing brushes can last a while, depending on how often you use your brushes.

I hope this has been helpful…



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