Student and teacher filmed fighting at Memphis high school

Francis Akhalbey April 22, 2024
A teacher and a student were filmed fighting -- Image via WREG

Authorities in Memphis have launched an investigation into a fight involving a 16-year-old student and a teacher. According to FOX13, the incident occurred at Trezevant High School and was captured on video.

The video in question shows an adult and juvenile involved in a physical altercation. The student was identified as Taquaviyon Craft. Memphis Police said the fight initially started between students at the school’s cafeteria.

“As I got to the school, I saw all of these police cars and I was like, ‘What’s going on?'” Lakita Craft, the mother of one of the students involved in the fight, told the news outlet. 

Authorities identified an individual who separated the students involved in the fight as a victim, a police report said. The report also identified an individual as a suspect, with Craft saying that was her son Taquaviyon.

The victim provided an account of what occurred to the police, stating that the suspect approached the victim from behind while the victim was transporting a student. The student was grabbed by the victim as a result, the report stated.

The report also said either the suspect or the student attempted to attack the victim, adding that the victim was struck in the face by the student. Taquaviyon’s mother said he was the student authorities identified as the suspect in the report. But the 16-year-old told FOX13 that he was also hit in the face.

“He was constantly pushing me and I was telling him all of that force wasn’t needed and I was still walking and he was constantly pushing me,” Taquavivon said. “He pushed me again and that’s when I got angry and fought back.”

Taquavivon’s mother also said she felt the school staff fell short with regard to calming tempers when the fight started. In the wake of the incident, Shelby County Commissioner Charlie Caswell Jr., said he believes the number of students involved in the fight was as high as 50.

“Some of them may just have received subpoenas,” Caswell said. “That means they may have to address what happened that day.”

Meanwhile, a student who witnessed the fight and spoke with WREG said the teacher was at fault. “He pushed him and he wasn’t supposed to get that aggressive with the student,” he said. The student also said he was suspended for being involved in the fight. “Teachers can’t touch students,” he added.

“Everyone has to be held accountable. If the teacher puts hands on him first then of course the student is going to react. Ain’t no student going to let anybody put their hand on them, whether it’s an adult or another child,” LaDarrel Young said.

Another parent, however, begged to differ, stating that it was justified for the teacher to defend himself. “The teacher should not be penalized for that. You actually have to hold the people accountable who started the fight – that was the child,” the parent said.

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