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These black celebrities are calling for a Gucci boycott over racist blackface jumper

Francis Akhalbey | Content Manager

Francis Akhalbey February 11, 2019 at 04:00 pm

February 11, 2019 at 04:00 pm | Entertainment

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Gucci has joined the long list of fashion brands that have offended black people with its newly released black woollen jumper that looks like the racist blackface used to demean black people in America’s history.

The luxury brand placed on sale the black “balaclava jumper” which covers the lower half of the face featuring a red cut-out around the mouth. It quickly received backlash on social media for the design which was deemed offensive.

This trend of producing controversial items without analyzing its cultural significance to the consumer has been described as a deliberate publicity mechanism by many critics after repetition of the same “offence”.

Though the Italian fashion brand has come out to apologize, just like Prada and H&M, scores of popular black people are not having it with some calling for a total boycott of the brand.

Take a look at what some of them had to say:

Popular Harlem fashion designer, Dapper Dan, who has a collaboration with Gucci weighed in on the controversy:

Acclaimed movie director Spike Lee announced he’s not going to wear Gucci or Prada until they hire some black designers:

T.I. called for a Gucci boycott and also called out Prada and Moncler: 

Gaining some recent attention for his popular Gucci headbands, Soulja Boy also cancelled the brand:

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Waka Flocka called on blacks to purchase black brands:

Trevor Noah thinks this is what should happen anytime something of this sort occurs:

Russel Simmons also had this to say:

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I spent many years in the fashion industry i helped redefine it ..we created a billion dollar grossing company with phat farm and baby phat I’m proud to say that i helped some hip hop entrepreneurs and their companies follow suit like Rocawear Apple bottom and many others i found them their partners and mentored them during their launches One day Macy’s began buying all of our top brands We thought that was a breakthrough or a “good sign” (Being accepted by our oppressor who hated and looked down on us ) Then they discounted us all and intentionally killed all the black businesses that we fed … thousands of shops …billions of gross dollars going to the independent (mostly black) shop owners There were thousands of young black and white kids in fashion looking up to Damon John, Sean John, Kimora and all of the young black designers white kids where buying our brands causing an even greater threat , they were all studying THEIR fashion and building hundreds of companies that were distributed by the mostly independent shop owners that were in biz because of us and supporting us long before Macys bought and discounted the top 15 designers.. IT WAS INTENTIONAL DELIBERATE AND INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE THEY KILLED THAT FASHION REVOLUTION .. i grew up and i lost a taste for clothes that were basically cheap to make but too expensive for my brothers …but they were defining me as a SMALL man needing a “status symbol” i realized that it was embarrassing to wear them and my community members couldn’t afford to look as stupid as i did …… When are we gonna wake up take off the horrible DEAD ANIMAL shit and the shiny crap and realize where the true shine lives Let’s instead focus on the things that serve our community and really bring us happiness Fuxk the fashion industry and the elitist backwards and hurtful mentality that it represents When you wake up and realize that it’s not what’s on u but it’s what’s in you that defines you … you will let go of a sickness that separates you from your brothers and sisters …and ultimately separates you from Gods Grace

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Joe Budden says we hear them “loud and clear”:


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