These extreme white supremacist groups were established with the aim of wiping out the Black race

Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson September 13, 2018

Teddy Boys

The Teddy boys were a group of wealthy white youth who walked the streets of England terrorising blacks in the 1900s. The harassments started as small pushes and verbal abuse on the streets of England and later developed into several attacks and killings. In 1958, the most significant Teddy Boys attack caused the Notting Hill Riots. On August 24, 1958, the “Teddy Boys” began attacking the West-Indies and blacks in their homes. The attacks continued until September 5, 1958, when the police arrested majority of the Teddy Boys involved in the attacks with the arrest of close to 140 white members of the Teddy Boys. Their plan was to rid the streets of England off the ‘smelly’, ‘dirty’ and ‘poor’ blacks who made the streets of England look and feel  ‘ugly.’


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