These organisations were founded by women to advance the rights of black people

Farida Dawkins March 07, 2018

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Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI)

The Black Alliance for Just Immigration or BAJI was formulated in 2006 “in response to the massive outpouring of opposition of immigrants and their supporters to the repressive immigration bills then under consideration by the U.S. Congress.” The organization also seeks to unite African Americans and black immigrants from the Caribbean, Africa, and Latin America.

BAJI trains black immigrant groups and African-Americans to support racial, social, and economic justice.  They believe this can be done via education about racist and systematic discrimination.  Their flagship project, the Black Immigration Network – a collective that brings together “black-led organizations and programs to advance just immigration policies and promote cultural shifts our communities need.”

BAJI has chapters in NYC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Oakland.

Opal Tometi of BLM founded and is the executive director of BAJI.

Baji is currently involved with the Communications and Media Education on Race in America (CAMERA) program – which produces and distributes content that deals with race, racism, immigration and related issues. The organization is also involved with the Faith Advocacy for Immigrants and Refugees (FAIR) by providing training to churches, mosques, and other faith-based programs within African-American and black immigrant communities.


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