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These seven celebrity deaths hit us the most in 2020

Kobe Bryant adnd his daughter GiGi died in an aircracft crash in Calabasas, California. Photo Credit: Instagram via @kobebryant

On the first day of the New Year, no one would expect the world’s problems to have been magically fixed by the calendrical change, much less when these problems are of magnitudes that the majority of us have never before seen.

COVID-19 will still be with us for definitely the whole of 2021, according to experts. And those values for which millions across the world took a knee in 2020 will all not be realized in 2021.

But something 2020 gets to keep in the darkness of its abyss would be the kinds of celebrity deaths that struck us. We continue to be overwhelmed by the number of ordinary people dying to the coronavirus. However, the sort of celebrity deaths we saw in 2020 forced global communal mourning.

Of course, the celebrity deaths of 2020 seemed so hurtful until some other year in the not-too-distant future comes with its own famous fatalities and then we would have to agree how 2020 pales in comparison. Hopefully, this hypothetical year is as far away from us imaginable.

Many famous people died in 2020 and all death is the cessation of life. To even isolate seven of the most painful seems like an exercise in arrogance, playing favorites among the dead. And to think this is also the year that a strange virus killed millions of our race.

But this list is a compilation of the sudden deaths of popular persons that shocked the globe on a truly tectonic level. We mourn these seven, who are as follows, as celebrities who brought many more together while they were in life and when they died.

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