BY Diarrha Ndiaye, 12:00am June 17, 2011,

‘Tis the Season to be Under Wraps!

Yes, you read that correctly! Amongst the many fashionable accessories that have surfaced this season, the most exhilarating trend is literally under wraps — the chic and mod turban.

'Tis the Season to be Under Wraps!June Ambrose, the renowned modish and talented author and stylist to the stars, may have started this trend a few months ago. Everyone has been rejoicing in this bright and extravagant accessory that, without a doubt, requires confidence and a “yes, I dare” attitude.

With the surface of the turban craze, June Ambrose has actually launched a turban line that has made it possible for women (and some bold and vivacious men) to slip right under these tied wraps.

The F2FA beauty department is so excited, better yet thrilled, for this trend because of its uncanny resemblance to the headdress of some African countries. Styled turbans take their significant mold after the accessories of our mothers, grandmothers, and a la mode sisters. In every birthday shower, wedding, or any celebratory event, head wraps are ever present and they demand attention. The head wrap continues to be a staple of African women, shockingly across the coasts of Africa. With that said, the new craze of the turban is of course no shock to us, rather a refresher young and stylish fashionistas have been diving head-first to our roots, quite literally.

While Ambrose may have sparked the excitement with these wondrous head wraps, they have appeared far and wide; including in avant garde fashion shows, on the head of talented stylists such as Rachel Zoë and Sasha Charnin, and even on major celebrities like Beyonce Knowles and sister, Solange. 

'Tis the Season to be Under Wraps!I even found myself at work just recently sporting a self–made turban! With the help of my loyal friend, YouTube, I was able to achieve this look in a matter of minutes. I must say, I received a plethora of compliments and an equal amount of questions such as: “Wait, how did you do that?” So before I continue, I must thank the talented Ambrose: Thank you, Aunty Ambrose!

Let us go through a brief step by step tutorial so you to can be “en la mode,” even with the summer heat waves. Note that this turban frenzy also protects your hair from this devastating heat. (In a head-wrap, I found myself much cooler at the office with my hair tied and tucked away).

Step 1: Part you hair in any fashion you desire since the very front of your hair maybe be exposed. Pull your hair back into a sleek ponytail then into a bun. You would want this to be as close to the nape of your neck as possible to avoid troubles later when you tie your desired scarf. For those beautiful ladies rocking the short coupe, or Amber Rose inspired coupe, feel free to skip this part.

Step 2: Take any relatively big scarf of your choice (I dare you to be bold while being conscious of what the rest of your ensemble and makeup would be). Fold the scarf into a triangle. Let the base of the triangle (the longer side) lie against the nape of your neck, and tie both ends of the scarf across your hair–line.

Step 3: Pull the top of the scarf back up to the hairline and tuck away the bun, ponytail or any excessive hair into the bottom of the scarf. Tuck the end of the scarf into the already tied knot at the base of your hairline. There, you should see the form of the turban taking shape.

Step 4: Tie the extra material of the scarf into a bow. There should be two cat-like ears that would have formed. Polish your look by adjusting the scarf as far back or forward as you’d like, and viola!

And there you have it — the look of the summer — dashing, fun, exhilarating and liberating in many ways.

'Tis the Season to be Under Wraps!

Can you see “Mama Africa” when you look in the mirror? I sure can! If you are looking to feel even more June Ambrosique (yes, a new state of being) pair this hip look with a chic–geek pair of glasses. Look for larger 70’s  style frames that are boxy. At the moment, they are flying off the shelves as well, and have become a fun accessory. This is a sure way to rejoice in the summertime as well as being a woman of style, or en françias, “un fille de la mode.”

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