BY Amos Fofung, 7:01am July 07, 2019,

Top 5 medical inventions by Africans that are changing the world

Brian Turyabagye and his work partner Besufekad Shifferaw showing off the biomedical smart jacket -- Photo Credit: VOA

Long gone are the days when all the African continent was renowned for was its cultural heritage, agricultural prowess, abundant minerals, strong reproductive men, basic societal problems, fetish traditions and a great importer of Western products and technology.

Today, Africa present’s herself as “the future’s” hope and is making considerable strides towards that with her youths taking on the world.

Regarded foremostly as the “dark continent”, Africa has, over the last decade, stun the world. News about people of African descent flood the media daily due to astonishing achievements in their respective spares.

From top-notch intellectuals to the world’s highest paid engineers to the African kid coding for Uber as well as outstanding financial experts, artificial intelligence, sportsmen and women, and dozen others, African youths the world over are actively designing tomorrow and changing the narrative one day and an invention at a time.

As mother Africa expands and grows from a laggard to a challenger, competing with Western economies, these top five inventions by African youths are changing the world, providing renewed hope for mankind.

This is the bleeding-edge of African innovations. Below is my list of the top five medical inventions from Africa that has taken on the world.

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