Top 6 Most Worshipped Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Fredrick Ngugi June 15, 2016
Heru, Ausar and Auset, also known as Horus, Osiris and Isis.

Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, collectively known as the neteru, form a large part of Egypt’s rich history. Although many of these deities have been overtaken by modern religions, some of today’s Egyptians still hold them in high regard along with a number of people throughout the African Diaspora. Some historians have documented more than 1,400 Egyptian gods and goddesses, most of which were believed to exist in the natural form. It was a great taboo to annoy any of them.

Since the list is so long, we have prepared a list of the top six most-worshiped Egyptian gods and goddesses. Although today, many of these deities are known by Greek alterations of the older names, this list refers to them as nearly to the way their worshipers did, accompanied by the artwork they created to represent themselves and their gods and goddesses.

Last Edited by:Deidre Gantt Updated: June 15, 2016


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