Muhammad Ali’s Journeys Throughout Africa in Photos

Mark Babatunde January 17, 2019
A Zairian man in traditional clothing carries a spear as he leads Muhammad Ali through a crowd at the airport in Kinshasa, Zaire (now DR Congo). AP Photo/Horst Faas, File

Muhammad Ali’s first visit to Africa came in 1964, which was also his first major trip outside of America. The charismatic 22-year-old had just been crowned heavyweight Champion of the World, after defeating Sonny Liston. He had also experienced an epiphany that was the beginning of a spiritual journey that continued throughout his life.

Ali described his visit to three countries on the continent as a Pan-African tour and a pilgrimage to the Fatherland. Join Face2Face Africa as we retrace his steps from that momentous first trip to his final voyage.


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