Africa’s Most Colorful Traditional Wedding Ceremonies

Mark Babatunde September 21, 2016

Baganda Traditional Wedding

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The Baganda people of Uganda have a rich marriage custom that starts with the visit of the grooms people to the bride-to-be’s family. Letters written by the groom to the Ssenga (or chief aunte) of the bride allow both sides of the families to agree on the day of the wedding. At the kwanjula, or traditional wedding, the groom gives gifts, such as bananas, meat, alcohol, material for clothes, and more to an assortment of relatives. The Ssenga and male representative of the family publicly negotiate over the bride’s release to the groom while different age groups in the community (sometimes even including men for shock value) are brought before the groom to see if he can locate his bride.  If the bride’s representative and family find the groom’s case to marry the bride acceptable, a flower is placed on the lapel of the groom and a song is sung, signifying that the once-unknown groom is now known and acknowledged by both the family and community. The kwanjula is indeed a part of the rich culture and heritage of the Baganda people.

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