Africa’s Most Colorful Traditional Wedding Ceremonies

Mark Babatunde September 21, 2016

Kikuyu Traditional Wedding

stephanie santana

Photo Credit: Stephanie Santana

andre wonyan go

Photo Credit: Andre Wonyan Go


Photo credit: Anthony Trivet

The Kikuyu are easily Kenya’s biggest ethnic group. The traditional Kikuyu marriage ceremony begins with the visit of the groom and his friends to the bride’s family to state his intentions. Subsequently, he takes along with him a delegation of his family members. The traditional wedding ceremony takes the form of large feasting at the bride’s residence and is attended by both families. The groom then has to correctly pick out his wife hidden among a group of three or more similarly dressed maidens or risk paying a huge fine. Once he is done identifying his bride, he then slaughters a goat to mark the occasion and it’s more merriment from then on.


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