Video of Nigerian pastor lining up single women in church for men to marry goes viral [WATCH]

Farida Dawkins August 09, 2018

African pastors and so-called prophets have been in the news for so many wrong reasons including living lavish lifestyles like superstars, selling dangerous chemicals as heavenly potions for healing, defaming people during live preaching sessions, walking on air and flying like angels.

Equally worse is the scavenging on women’s insecurities to attract potential members who want their “spiritual” problems to be solved. This is exactly what this unnamed preacher in a church believed to be in Nigeria did to women on live television and has gone viral.

The pastor paraded seven men before the church and invited women who were not married to line up behind them. A bevy of women gathered behind the men with some having as many as over a dozen behind them while others had just a woman behind them.

Like commodities, the pastor asked the men to choose a woman among the lot in the next month and he will pay for their marriage.

“We cannot allow the women to be like this forever. I want to marry for you people,” the pastor said amid a rousing scream from the congregation and the “subjects on display”.

“From now, look at your back, the people you want to choose, only one…I give you people from now till month-ending to screen your wives. Nobody should meet them at night or I will catch you…I want to marry for you people in this church…I am going to sponsor the marriage in this church on one day. If you don’t like anyone, say I don’t like. If you like them, only one so that marriage will start…You, go and look for your husband in Jesus’ name,” the pastor explained the rules of the pick-a-wife game.

This video has been watched hundreds of times on social media and people have shared mixed reactions ranging from humour to awe.

Take a look at the video below:

Here are some reactions to the video on Twitter:

Many countries including Ghana and South Africa have protested against the actions of prophets and miracle workers who are destroying their communities.

The number of spiritualists in Ghana has risen and many of them use both traditional and social media to advertise their services which include money doubling, healing incurable diseases, prophecies and many others.

South Africa’s concerns are with the growing number of fake pastors and prophets who commit crimes under the cover of religion. Some have fed congregants with snakes, grass and petrol for healing.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: August 9, 2018


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