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We can never have enough of Black Magic, here are 10 celebs who prove that Black don’t crack

Sanaa Lathan, 46. Photo:

Black is beautiful and we age like fine wine. Most black people seem to look more beautiful as they age.

‘Black don’t crack’ is a phrase commonly used to support this claim by black people and now there are studies that support the saying.

Skin specialist and aesthetician Bianca Estelle explains why ‘Black don’t actually crack’ saying “It’s due to the amount of collagen and melanin in the skin.”

Melanin is a sticky tint produced by your skin that operates like sunscreen, protecting the skin from UV rays.

A particular type of melanin called eumelanin makes the skin dark; the more eumelanin your body produces, the darker your skin will be.

“That’s what makes black skin age so well,” Estelle says. “We have a natural protection. I call it the ozone layer of our skin.”

Estelle adds that mixed-race people also tend to age pretty well compared to whites.

The following celebrities are serving us melanin goodness and are sure proof that ‘black don’t crack.’

Most of them do not have any exorbitant skincare routine; what they mostly say is “eat better and inculcate some physical activity into your routine.”

Bianca Lawson, 39

Naomi Campbell, 48

Halle Berry, 53

Angela Basset, 61

Gabrielle Union, 47

Sanaa Lathan, 46

Cynthia Bailey, 52

Regina Hall, 47

Marjorie Harvey, 53

Lisa Bonet, 50


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