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BY Francis Akhalbey, 9:05am June 24, 2024,

Woman confesses to trying to poison her veterinarian husband with his own supply of animal drugs

Amanda Alicia Chapin admitted to trying to poison her husband -- Photo Credit: Lafayette County Sheriff's Office via AP

A 51-year-old Wisconsin woman is facing twelve and a half years in prison after she admitted to trying to poison her veterinarian husband with his own supply of animal euthanasia drugs. According to Fox News, the suspect, identified as Amanda Alicia Chapin, allegedly put the poison in her husband’s coffee on multiple occasions.

Police also said she committed the alleged acts not too long after she tied the knot with her husband Gary Chapin. Wisconsin Circuit Court records stated that Chapin entered a no-contest plea to a first-degree felony charge of reckless endangering the safety of her husband. 

Chapin ultimately struck a plea deal with Lafayette County prosecutors, resulting in her charge being downgraded from first-degree attempted homicide. Authorities said that between July and August 2022, Chapin on three occasions allegedly spiked her husband’s coffee with barbituates she stole from him.

Chapin and her husband got married in March 2022, authorities said, adding that she then went ahead to falsify the signatures of one of her husband’s children on a power of attorney document.

The 51-year-old also allegedly urged her husband to amend his house’s deed to enable her to become the main owner of the property if he dies. Chapin is said to have started poisoning her husband’s coffee two weeks after the deed was amended, Fox News reported.

Per The Monroe Times, Chapin and her husband met online. But the criminal complaint revealed that their relationship was “fairly stormy from the beginning.” The victim’s family was also suspicious the 71-year-old was “just a ‘sugar daddy’ for Amanda.” 

The victim is said to have gone into a coma for four days after Chapin spiked his coffee for the third and final time. It was ultimately established his condition was due to the consumption of the drugs in question.

Chapin also called 911 three hours after her husband became unresponsive. She accessed her husband’s email just a few hours after he went into the coma, authorities said, adding that she then began forwarding to herself correspondence the victim had with his attorney and children.

Authorities also said Chapin’s husband’s son filed a restraining order against her before authorities determined he had been poisoned with the drugs. Gary Chapin’s son filed the restraining order because he suspected the 51-year-old was behind his father’s health issue.

But Chapin went against that restraining order in September 2022 after she emailed her husband a suicide note. Chapin in the email said she was going to commit suicide because her husband’s children had aimed to “destroy” her.

“The only thing I am guilty of is loving you SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH,” she reportedly said in a portion of the email. Chapin was ultimately transported to the hospital after paramedics went to her house. 

Her husband ultimately filed for divorce the following day.

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