Jason Nkwain


Jason Nkwain was born in Cameroon and moved to the United States at the age of 13. He has been publicly speaking since circa the age 7, when he started reciting poems and rhymes for kindergarten events. Jason became really interested in Poetry after moving to the United States, and as time went by, he slowly developed a love for Spoken Word poetry. In 2012, alongside some of his close Cameroonian friends, he co-founded LEGACY ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTIONS, which is a collective of African artists whose main focus is to elevate and expose the beauty and the brilliance of the African Art. Jason Nkwain’s poems focus on the continent of Africa and especially its people. Looking at African people through the eyes of an Anthropologist, Jason seeks to expose the beauty of Africa’s story. Jason seeks to dispel most myths and to shatter the false His-Stories, creating room for the truth in Our-Stories. Some of his well-known poems are "Thoughts" and "Have You Ever Seen An African Dance." Jason Nkwain is currently a senior at the University of Maryland College Park double majoring in Geographical Information Systems and English. He hopes to become an English professor someday focusing on Africana studies.

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