Building a homegrown African fashion brand | Kofi Okyere Darko [KOD]
The African Dream
  • Meet the Pioneer behind Ghana's luxury events and decor industry - Afi Amoro of Jandel Limited
  • Watch Dikan Gallery's phenomenal photo exhibition Home is More than a Place' curated by Paul Ninson
  • Experience the biggest Street Art Festival in West Africa: Ghana's Chale Wote Festival 2023
  • He built his first car at 14, now he's ready to disrupt the global automobile industry - Kelvin Cars
  • How Shelta Space is revamping Africa's Housing Industry in a sustainable way through Prefabrication
  • Bringing black girl magic to the screens - meet the next Oprah on the rise
  • Meet the man behind one of Africa’s top homegrown luxury watch brands - Caveman
  • Building a homegrown African fashion brand | Kofi Okyere Darko [KOD]
  • This young architect is on a mission to change the African urban landscape one country at a time
  • How I built my own car at the age of 14 - Kelvin Odartei
  • Lilian Blankson: The Ghanaian Woman who fought to give Africans a voice at BET
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