BY Meghan Reid, 8:00pm October 30, 2014,

The 22nd Wharton Africa Business Forum Presents “The Inflection Point: What is Africa’s Onward Growth Model?”

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The Inflection Point: What is Africa’s Onward Growth Model?

Last year we discussed the rapid growth that Africa has experienced over the past few decades. However, this growth has been from a low base, which begs the question – what growth model should African countries adopt for future growth?

It is critical that African governments and the private sector make the right decisions to sustain its promising growth. But what are these decisions? Which growth model should governments promote for Africa – a low cost manufacturing model similar to that used by East Asia, an agriculture-based model similar to Latin America or is there a clear, unique “African” model? Furthermore, can Africa disrupt existing industries by taking advantage of new technologies to leapfrog previously required growth stages?

This year’s conference serves as a forum to discuss potential investment strategies and evaluate these key decisions. It also aims to help participants recognize new innovations, which can help the continent to prosper.

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