5 African princes who were taken from their families by colonizers

Prince Alemayehu - Ethiopia

Millions of Africans were forcefully taken from their homes and sold into slavery during the years of the Transatlantic slave trade. Unfortunately, it is hard to trace every single African who found themselves in the Caribbean, America or Europe mainly because white slave traders had not kept names in documents. Moreover, the names of Africans were changed by their white owners for easier identification and pronunciation purposes.

Through the outstanding lives they lived, a few enslaved Africans and their children have been identified and traced back to their African roots while several living blacks in the diaspora have been able to trace their roots to Africa as well.

African royals were also not spared in the days of the Transatlantic slave trade as several kings and queens, princesses and princes were captured or taken for one reason or the other. Due to their royalty, it was easier to trace and document their lives.

Here are five African princes who were heir to powerful thrones but were taken away by Westerners at very young ages.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: June 3, 2019


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