5 Black women next in line to become the next ‘Mark Zuckerberg’

Farida Dawkins August 02, 2018

5 Black women next in line to become the next ‘Mark Zuckerberg’

Tishauna Wilson

Tishauna Wilson

20-year-old Tishauna Wilson stumbled upon her passion for STEM when she was introduced to computers at the age of five by a family member.

In high school, she began repairing computers and even developed a lie detector. Towards the end of high school, she was adept at computer coding.

Now that she is a college student at Florida A&M University (FAMU) Wilson is working on four distinct Artificial Intelligence projects, she’s revived the computer science research program at her institution and is challenging herself even further by enrolling in Google’s CodeU 12-week immersive engineering program while simultaneously working on a research project “which entails a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing/Understanding, Machine Learning, and Cyber-Security.”

Wilson is well aware of the lack of diversity in the STEM field. She says, “I see the challenges, but I’m a believer that if you don’t try to go against it, you already lose. I always say that there is nothing that can really stop me, but me. I just trust in Jesus and in my [own] ability and hard work.”

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