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by , at 12:00 pm, January 05, 2017, Features

5 Dangerous African Traditions That Should Be Dropped


An African traditional healer. Photo Credit: Kruger National Park

Traditional Healing

Even with the advent of contemporary medicine, some African communities still rely on traditional healers who often use superstition and local herbs to treat their patients. Some communities even believe that it is taboo to be treated by a professional doctor.

Pregnant women in these communities are required to seek assistance from local herbalists and midwives during delivery. Sadly, many people end up dying due to simple complications that could easily be treated by a professional physician.

  • nml

    I disagree with the last item – traditional healing. In the West its called complementary alternative medicine and it is well regarded or at least respected. Not everyone wants to co-sign with western medicine which has it’s own problems…..

    • david

      Agreed, there are pros and cons.
      In South Africa they are trying to register traditional healers.