by Mark Babatunde, at 11:00 am, December 14, 2016, Politics

5 Most Stable Democracies in Africa

Democracy in Africa has come a long way, and over the years, the continent has had its own fair share of struggles in building strong democratic institutions. From its shaky, unsure beginnings in the 1960s following the retreat of European colonialists, to its present status as the prevailing form of government across all Africa nations, democracy has grown in leaps and bounds on the continent.

Multiparty, representative democracy is arguably the best form of government, because it ensures transparency, fairness, and promotes an egalitarian society. Democracy also prevents tyranny and the injurious domination of one group by another. When properly implemented, democracy as a system of government is almost always accompanied by growth, progress, and the all-around development of a society.

But building strong and enduring democratic institutions anywhere in the world requires a great deal of effort. This fact has not been lost on many African nations, and an increasing number of them are putting concerted effort into strengthening their democratic institutions.

Consequently, Face2Face Africa has compiled a list of the top five African countries that have managed to build strong democratic institutions after gaining their independence.


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