Renewable Energy: Africa’s 5 Biggest Wind Energy Farms

Mark Babatunde April 20, 2017
Built at a cost of $700 million, the Lake Turkana Wind Farm is expected to generate 310 MW of electricity when fully operational. Photo Credit: The Star

Electricity experts and renewable energy advocates agree that wind energy can provide a clean and sustainable alternative to burning fossil fuels. Renewable energy doesn’t consume water, uses little land and generates zero greenhouse gas emissions.

To generate a reasonable amount of wind energy, wind farms, which are a group of wind turbines in the same location, are used in generating electricity. These wind farms may cover anywhere from a few square meters to several thousands of square kilometers.

As the world increasingly turns its attention toward producing energy that is eco-friendly, renewable, and increasingly affordable, Face2Face Africa has put together a list of the five biggest wind energy farms in Africa based on the amount of electricity produced in megawatts.


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