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African Youth Excellence (AYE) – A Research and Advocacy Group Launched

African Youth Excellence (AYE) – A Research and Advocacy Group LaunchedAfrican Youth Excellence (AYE) is a US based Youth Advocacy organization with a deep seated interest in the professional development of young Africans in the Diaspora.
Today’s vibrant generation of young Africans have the power to revolutionize the continent in a major way. In spite of this potential for greatness, many young Africans still lack the inspiration, guidance or fortitude needed to overcome academic or professional obstacles. As a youth advocacy organization, we will empower, support, and publicly reward young Africans who have overcome these obstacles in pursuit of excellence.
Our mission is to create a platform where the talents and skills of young Africans are nurtured. To better carry out our mission and organizational goals, AYE utilizes a unique set of initiatives; including Research and Advocacy, The African on Campus Project, The African Abroad Project, and The African Youth Excellence Awards.  The African Youth Excellence Awards (AYEA) honors young Africans pursuing outstanding projects in their respective fields while providing a platform to discuss pressing issues affecting the youth.

AYE focuses on highlighting the accomplishments of “pursuers” (young men and women) in the area of art, education, information technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and humanitarianism. Honoring their accomplishments is our way of establishing a belief amongst young Africans that the true potential of the continent is in their hands.
Additionally, AYE utilizes comprehensive methods in the professional development of young Africans. Our initiatives call for an in depth understanding and appreciation of the complex nature of the society and economy affecting the African youth. Our organization invests a major portion of its resources into research in order to identify unique trends impacting young Africans.
Our commitment to youth excellence is grounded in the belief that every African Youth has a unique potential. We work collaboratively with companies and/or non-profit organizations that believe in Africa in order to recognize, embrace and respect the diverse potentials of African youths.
The first AYE awards was held in Worcester, Massachusetts on August 25th, 2012 and it was attended by city officials and other prominent figures including Worcester City Councilors and a Senior Financial Analyst from USA Federal Bank – Boston. Plans for the next African Youth Excellence Awards are underway and details will be announced soon.

Visit for more information, or to join our team, please contact the Director of Communications, Nana Bonsu on 1-774-242-4004.

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