BY Christian Djimra Koumtog, 11:00am June 11, 2015,

Poem: Your Silky, Powerful Black Skin

black skin

Your silky and powerful Black skin is Life.
It is much needed in this world full of dead wills.

Your silky Black skin is authoritative,
A reflection of Humanity’s bronze age,
Cogent, dynamic, everlasting, and fruitful.

That is why my people will always be fly;
This is the promise this poet made to our Sun and Moon and Sky.

Your powerful Black skin is Love and much needed in the world that is harnessing hate and lust.

You are the old prophets’ oracle: Africa of old renewed at the turn of this next century
Eternal Well of satisfying spiritual waters  

Please quench your Children’s hunger!

All the billions of dollars in the world you have spent to buy these Africans;
You call it investing,
Yet you are fighting the words of this emancipating poem.

Africa cannot be bought!

Your lost cause is being erased: for our own economic and political future, our battles are fought.  

My heart sings every time because of the Nature of our Power, God-given power.

God has bestowed upon our People something peculiar and wonderful.
This is about a legacy,
It is about engraving your first and last names, our names, in to History

And that fight is not selfish.

This is why we keep writing gracefully.
There is no greater liberating peace than knowing that we are conscious of what we are doing.

And forever we will be celebrated, but for now we keep on living and writing’, our impacts will change thousands of African as they adopt a new mind and become the people who first came from Adam and Eve. And that is beyond just you and me.

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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