Five factors you must know about the current protests and turmoil in Haiti

Nii Ntreh December 09, 2019
A marker of angry protests - burning tires in the streets - in Haiti. Photo Credit: Real World Radio

In what is the African diaspora’s oldest country, instability has reared its head again in Haiti, with street protests increasing by the day in the capital Port-au-Prince since the beginning of December.

For about half a century, the Caribbean nation has struggled to overcome the problems of poverty and inequality. It is a country that has also seen the worst of brutal dictatorships in the hands of the Duvalier family.

The 215-year-old country has also been the unfortunate victim of both natural and Western-ensured tragedies. All of these have worked up a national psyche of survival and very little patience for governmental inadequacies.

The current protests in Haiti were as a result of bottled-up grievances kicked open by a multibillion-dollar issue of corruption dubbed the Petrocaribe scandal.

Here are the five remote and immediate things you must know about what is going on in Haiti.


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