BY Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson, 2:30pm October 01, 2018,

Five powerful kingdoms that existed centuries before the formation of Nigeria in 1914

On October 1, 1960, Nigeria became the 3rd country in Africa after Ghana and Somalia to gain its independence from the British marking total control of governmental and economic affairs by the local government. In 1851, Lagos was seized by the British starting the gradual capture of the country under the crown.

In 1901, the country officially became a British protectorate but took its actual national shape in 1914 when the British successfully merged Southern and Northern Nigeria.

Before the invasion of the British, what is now known as Nigeria existed as several kingdoms.  According to history, the area that is now known as Nigeria hosted most of the kingdoms and smaller states in West Africa as well as some of the most powerful kingdoms.

Many of these kingdoms still exist today with strong monarchs who are very much respected and revered in modern Nigeria; one of the oldest being the Nok Empire which is largely referred to as the Nok Civilization.

Here are 5 of the most powerful kingdoms to have existed before the amalgamation of Nigeria.

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