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BY Abu Mubarik, 3:00pm June 26, 2021,

From a college dropout to making six figures in four months, meet Cortney Rose

Cortney Rose. Photo credit: Voyage Dallas

Cortney Rose’s family lost everything within the 2007-2008 real estate crash. This was during the global financial crisis that had an unimaginable toll on the U.S. financial system. The aftermath of the crisis stripped Rose and her family of pride and dignity.

However, her life changed in 2011 when she was hired by a tax company she had sought assistance from to prepare her taxes during the financial meltdown. Rose brought in over 100 clients which equaled $25,000 but it turns out that the company did not pay her.

“I used what I learned from him [the owner of the company], took the lessons and the loss, and laid it as the foundation to build my company. 2012 I cashed out my 401k and dumped every dollar I had toward my business,” she told Voyage Dallas.

Nine years on, Rose is yet to look back. She is now the founder of Tax Time and Co. The firm provides accounting, tax preparation, and consulting services for personal and businesses in all 50 states. According to her, the tax industry allowed her to consistently make over $100,000 in four months since age 23, working from January through to April to prepare tax returns.

Rose has been inspired to create a mini tax course to teach others how to make six figures in four months. She created ‘No 9-5, A Mini Tax Course, Make 5-figures in 4-months’ with the sole mission to help others create surmount the challenges that came her way.

“Every year I’ve had a team. I always felt that it would be wrong for me to be grinding and getting this money knowing that this industry changed my life,” she told Social Proof Podcast. “I’ve always carried a team no matter the work and the weight that they brought with me. I just feel like it’s the rent that you pay for having a good life. You want to bless other people.”

“I want to teach other people that it’s possible to make six figures in four months.”

Making six figures did not come on a silver platter for Rose. She dropped out of college, worked for others without salary, and built a solid team around her to achieve her mission when she founded her tax firm. Today, she earns more than the average American Black millennial with a Bachelor’s degree.

“This journey hasn’t been easy. But it has equipped me for life. It’s taught me to have a vision, create a plan, and be relentless until you see it through. I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” she said.

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