BY Ama Nunoo, 1:00pm April 11, 2020,

‘Garlic prevents COVID-19’ and six other myths about the virus demystified

Photo: The Intercept

Most of us are suffering from information overload pertaining to the novel coronavirus. There are different broadcast messages hitting our phones through different social media handles. Sadly, most of us do not verify the source of the information. There are so many myths surrounding COVID-19 that are shared via these platforms.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) may have gotten the memo as well because it has provided a comprehensive list of myth busters pertaining to the novel coronavirus which are worth addressing.

Misinformation and fake news can lead to the spread of the virus. Many people due to lack of due diligence have fallen for most of these myths and are therefore ignoring the real measures needed to curb the spread of the virus.

According to the WHO, the best way to prevent the virus is to frequently clean your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based gel with at least 70% alcohol content. Plus, avoid touching your eyes, mouth or nose with your hands.

Also, disinfect all surfaces that humans encounter frequently with alcohol-based disinfectants that have at least 70% alcohol.

Here are some myths that have been demystified so our audience can have some clarity and further protect themselves adequately against COVID-19.

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