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Zambia Names White Acting President, First in Post-Apartheid Africa

Guy Scott Zambia

Following the sudden death of President Michael Sata, Zambian Vice President Guy Scott (pictured) has been named the acting President till an election is held in 90 days.

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President Sata’s death comes just days after Zambia celebrated the 50th anniversary of independence from the United Kingdom. He is the second president to die in office in the southern African country.

His vice president and now Acting President Scott is a native Zambian of Scottish decent. Scott has been with Sata’s Patriotic Front (PF) party since 2001. He was appointed PF vice president in 2011, following their party’s election victory.

President Scott, a Cambridge-trained economist and farmer, is credited with helping his country recover from severe drought in the early ’90s. when he was the countries Agriculture minister.

It is widely believed that his vice presidential appointment is in part due to his enormous funding of the party while it was in opposition. Scott’s wealth reportedly helped PF gain power.

Even though it is a ceremonial post, the vice president, per the Zambian constitution, is next in line to become head of state in event of the President’s death. However, there could be a constitutional challenge to Scott’s ascendency since he violates the constitution’s “parentage clause,” which requires the President to be a “third-generation” Zambian; Scott’s parents were born in the United Kingdom.

Political observers, however, don’t see any immediate constitutional challenge unless Scott decides to run for elections as a presidential candidate in the stipulated 90 days. Many outside observers are saluting Zambia for the smooth transition of power and applauding Zambians for not using the color of one’s skin as a criteria for its leadership succession.

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