2018 in Review December 28, 2018 at 11:00 am

Here are the food stories you loved the most in 2018

Francis Akhalbey | Content Manager

Francis Akhalbey December 28, 2018 at 11:00 am

December 28, 2018 at 11:00 am | 2018 in Review

If you are an ardent visitor of Face2Face Africa, then you’ll most definitely know about our trademark Foodie Friday series which is a category that covers anything and everything food in Africa and the diaspora especially on Fridays.

Just like all the other categories, we covered some pretty interesting food-related stories for 2018 and thus, it is just right that we share which ones were read the most.

In no particular order, take a look at them below and be sure to read more about the ones you may have missed out on. Who, knows? You might just find; a mouthwatering dish worth trying this holiday season if you love cooking – a supposedly unpalatable delicacy you may want to try if you are a daredevil – some really cool African and diaspora street foods and beverages worth trying when you step foot in those respective countries – or a little history or food tip from your favourite celebrity.

Roasted plantain — ryghters

7 popular African street foods you shouldn’t miss when you visit.
Apart from making your taste buds sing, these affordable foods come with so many nutritional benefits. You can’t be in Africa without trying the various tastes and flavours of the following street foods.

Umqombothi — Photo Credit: dailysun.co.za

You don’t know beer until you taste these six local African brews that will knock your socks off.
Africans definitely love their beers and this can never be overestimated. Arguably the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage across the continent, each country has its own unique and national favourite.

Cachupa — Photo via Criola Cozinha on YouTube

[Foodie Friday] Cachupa: The national dish of Cape Verde islands.
Ingredients for this dish usually include cassava, beans, sweet potatoes, hominy, fish or meat, sausage, beef, goat or chicken. Each island, however, has its own distinct recipe for the dish.

Sorrel drink — Photo Credit: vegetariantimes.com

Sorrel Drink: The popular Caribbean festive beverage that originated from Africa.
Much like the origin of some foods like Okra and Yam which were brought to the Caribbean from Africa during the slave trade, the ‘Hibiscus Sabdariffa’ or Roselle plant also has its roots in West Africa. Most of these plants manage to thrive in Caribbean regions due to favourable weather conditions that are very similar to the weather in Africa.

Oprah Winfrey with her partner Stedman Graham

Oprah literally spills the beans on what makes a perfect date night with her longtime lover [Video].
Well…as the saying goes, “the way to a man’s heart is (most definitely) through his stomach!”, and Oprah Winfrey couldn’t just agree more with that old adage!

A street vendor in Trinidad and Tobago selling doubles — Photo Credit: Vincent T. Joachim (YouTube)

Five popular street foods in the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago.
Known for its popular carnival, the country that invented the famous steelpan has a blend of African, Indian, Amerindian, Chinese, European as well as Arab influences in its cuisines, and this makes for a very large culinary variety.

Photo credit: grandmotherafrica.com

The best coffee is from Africa and these 10 brands are proof.
With notably Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania exporting very huge volumes of coffee annually, Face2Face Africa, in photos, highlights some of the most sought-after coffee brands from Africa.

Meet the 101-year-old woman who cooked for Kwame Nkrumah in the 1960s.
Though it is widely known that Nkrumah, while exiled in Guinea after his overthrow in 1966, had a personal cook who died mysteriously before he also passed on months later, the story of Madam Elizabeth Ankrah, his cook while he was president of Ghana is seldom known.

Five traditional African foods that are a delight to vegetarians.
In as much as we really love our meaty and fishy dishes, our wide array of cuisines and smart culinary improvisations always makes room for those who opt for vegan dishes.

Top 5 African food festivals you should attend if you love African cuisine.
If you are a lover of food, then food festivals are definitely a thing that will be marked in your calendar, but if they already aren’t, check out these 5 African food festivals that will leave you salivating and hungry.

Nsenene — Photo Credit: @wanderlustkris (pictame)

Insect dishes that are cultural delicacies for some Africans.
If you have plans of laying off meat for something healthier, why not try your hands on these tasty and edible insects eaten in Africa?

Raw garden eggs served with groundnuts — Photo Credit: clarascornerng.wordpress.com

They may look unpalatable, but these African foods are eaten differently than usual.
In the spirit of diversity, therefore, join Face2Face Africa as we spotlight some foods that you may think are unpalatable but eaten in a special way in some African countries.

Sumah’s West African Restaurant & Carryout, Washington D.C.

8 popular African diaspora restaurants in Washington D.C.
Just in case you find yourself in Washington D.C. and you’re looking for African restaurants to grab a bite, these popular ones are worth a try.


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