Are Women Their Own Enemies?

Edna Owusu-Ansah May 01, 2014

Jealous women

This is a question that has crossed my mind many times, and I am sure it has crossed millions of others too. It is the kind of question that immediately becomes rhetorical because the answer is glaring. So when I chanced on this post on an old school friend’s Facebook page  posing this same mind-boggling question, I immediately went prying.

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Here is the entire incident as told to my friend on her Facebook wall:

“So today, 23rd April, 2014 at about 9:00 am, I left my office to go and buy fuel for my car. After filling the tank, I drove to join the main road and headed towards my office area. Our traffic [light] was red so we waited.

When it was our turn to go, the policewoman, who I later got to know as Vicentia, said she had arrested me for crossing a red light.

Me: What? And why are the other cars behind me still passing? Please, ours was green and I was not even the first on the lane so what are you talking about?

Policewoman: Okay, let me see your license….

I handed it to her and she was like, “This is forged.” I asked why and she said bcos it’s photocopied (coloured though).

Me: Yes, bcos the first one was taken by thieves. So when I got a second one, I decided to make it this way.

Policewoman: I have to take you to the station. I have arrested you for Crossing the red light and using a forged license.

So I followed her to the police station, and there she starts making sooo much noise.

Policewoman: U think u drive big car “in so what” (and so what). If I don’t charge you for court, I will remove my uniform as policewoman today.

So I called my ever caring friend Nana Prempeh Okogyeabour (who works with the CPA) and explained to him what happened [and to find out] if he, a Consumer Protection officer, thinks a driver can be arrested when there are other cars behind her and would she be charged for crossing the red light? And what instrument [would be] used to charge that?

He started laughing and asked me to explain [the situation] to his uncle who is the Crime Officer in the station. I did so, and the Crime officer found it absurd at the woman’s accusations, and the superior of the policewoman was called.

They asked her [why] there were other cars behind me if the light she claimed was really red?

She couldn’t answer.

Apparently, that’s how the woman behaves: she gets annoyed when she sees her fellow women driving, so the superior was not surprised at all that she…had arrested me.

Eighty percent of her colleagues said what she was saying didn’t make sense, bcos how could the light be green and red at the same time and also other cars were coming after me.

And when I asked her where her proof was that I crossed the red light, she couldn’t answer. It’s such a pity, Ghana. People just take the law in to their own hands, and if you are also ignorant, they squeeze the juice out of you just like that.

The crime officer ordered her to cancel the statement she had asked the station officer to write and let me go.

She said what pissed her off was the fact that, I was speaking big English when she stopped me. She then asked me to give her money.

OMG!!! So it was money you wanted all along? That’s why you wasted my precious time like that? Well, I don’t have to waste on you!

I’m very sure that is what she does every day, and today she “arrested” the wrong person.

And I know there are a lot more of her kind all over the place.

Well as I type this note, she has not removed her uniform yet as [she had] bragged early on. And just as I was leaving the station, I saw her with another lady who was also getting out of her posh car and works with Zenith bank.

I got to know she (the same policewoman) arrested her in front of the police station because she was holding her phone while driving (apparently while she was waiting in traffic in front of the police station), according to the Zenith lady.

And if the lady doesn’t know “anyone,” Vicentia is going to make Post-Easter soup out of her.

Why are women always JEALOUS of [other] women????????????? Men are not like that.

My question is, with all these people around, can Ghana ever grow??????
And when will women stop being unnecessarily Jealous of their fellow women???

Now I would like to pose this same question to you:


Poll Do you agree with Cardinal Sarr that Africans must protect their cultural norms? ?

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Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: May 1, 2014


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