30 More Girls & Women Flee, 15 Soldiers Ambushed & Killed By Boko Haram

Abena Agyeman-Fisher July 10, 2014
missing girls and women

Nigerian mothers, with some girls who escaped Boko Haram, are covered in sheets to hide their identity Aderogba Obisesan—AFP/Getty Images

Coming right on the heels of more than 60 girls and women escaping over the weekend, another 30 girls and women reportedly escaped the clinches of Boko Haram earlier this week, revealing cracks in Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram’s armor, according to Sahara Reporters. In addition, while trying to re-take a military base, Nigerian soldiers were reportedly ambushed and killed Wednesday.

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After reportedly wandering through the Sambisa Forest for days, the group of girls and women, who reportedly come from Borno State, ended up in Madagali in Adamawa State,  according to an unnamed senior military official and James Watarda, chairman of Madagali. At press time, it hasn’t been confirmed whether any of the escapees are any of the students abducted from Chibok’s Government Secondary School on April 14th.

Sahara Reporters report:

“Our military source described the escaped women and children as distressed, disoriented and famished, adding, however, that they were relieved to have regained freedom.”

While the group is now said to be at an undisclosed hospital receiving care and a mental assessment, according to the group, others who attempted to run away weren’t so lucky.

“They have talked about how some of them who were trying to escape were killed and some forced back when armed Boko Haram militants discovered them escaping,” according to the military official, who added that some Mothers had to leave their children behind in order to escape.

With this latest group making it to freedom, the official indicated that Boko Haram is finally showing signs of weakness, which he credited to the military’s ongoing attacks.

Nigerian Military Ambushed

The Dambisa Military Base was reportedly taken over by Boko Haram, with the insurgents allegedly planting their flag at the base earlier in the week. In an effort to reclaim their territory, the Nigerian military returned to the area, but according to published reports, they weren’t prepared for what Boko Haram had in store for them: the insurgents allegedly dug a trench and hid in it in preparation for their arrival. As the military advanced, Boko Haram surprised them with gunfire, killing 15 of the men.

As previously reported, the military continues to be both discouraged and angry with the government’s continued lack of resources, giving Boko Haram the upperhand with their reportedly sophisticated firearms and manpower in most clashes.

Naij reports:

The source explained that the atmosphere is tense as the soldiers who sustained injuries have expressed anger that they were sent on such a high-risk operation without enough firepower and troops to tackle the militants.


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