Bless Us, Mothers, As We Falter

Eusi Kwayana May 15, 2014


Young girls are the only promise

of an Earth’s future as we know it

of a human voluntary Mothers’ pool

the most precious pool planet-wide

May 9th at 2 a.m. I had no verse for Mother’s Day.

The hour I woke, I set aside the work to vindicate the martyr, Walter, to add voice to the worldwide cry to save the Mothers’ Pool of Life in Africa. A pool made free and voluntary by Women’s resistance.

But we let Libya go and Mali with small outrage!

In Congo, after yearly rounds of rape and ravishment, the Mothers’ voluntary pool still wring borno9their hands at  human’s armed helplessness.

And voices of Faith or secular science, why do you let felons with holy phrases lie on the  Prophets?

Not so heroic women who speak out

Not so this pagan, pantheist, animist, Maatist, Marxian-born Christian who in his vigor had kept Ramadan and is not shy of so proclaiming how Mohamed in his time made laws for women’s elevation.

Like Moses with the daughters of Zelophehad

On those works be Peace; they point to freedom.

The Carpenter’s question rings out without answer from any of the Popes: woman, why are the learned ones accusing you?

Spotless Sita stayed suspect in Citizens’ eyes

until self-liberated in her ordeal of fire and embraced by

the Divine Mother in her sacred earthly domain

yet lives the stubborn disrespect for the feminine

It is at height the price of obscene, sprawling power

Stalking the world, on land, on sea

in air and outer space

inspiring imitation

armed among the powerless

of almighty NATO and the drones’ impunity

which no tribunal questions

The shopkeeper and his family in Guyana and the male youth are joined in risk for whom is the protection of the law?

not for the shopkeeper and his family from the bandit

not for the male youths’ genitals, anus, mouth from the police

not for Trayvon walking through his neighborhood in Florida

not for Seetahall driving home in Trinidad

nor for Victor Ortega lying on his back in San Diego

The world’s poor and powerless and the world at large grapple with differences and fail and try again.

and it may be we have let so long neglected

the first human difference: gender

Bless us, Mothers, bless us as we falter.













Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: September 15, 2018


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