Motivation: Letting the Light In

Chioma Obii-Obioha September 12, 2011

Motivation: Letting the Light InIt’s September already. I can’t believe there are only three months left before this year is over! If your year has been anything like mine, I’m sure it has been full of challenges, bumps and disappointments as well as joys, victories and unbridled happiness. That’s life! It is always a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs, and we must learn to take them all in stride.

However, we should not let the cares of life weigh us down constantly. During those difficult times and those busy and frustrating days, it is imperative that we lighten our load by letting the light in. For each of us, there is one thing (or two or three) that inexplicably lifts our spirits and allows us to feel joyful in the moment. Make sure to tap into that every single day because joy and laughter must never be missing from our daily living…ever!

For me, music brings unspeakable joy. When I listen to worship music, I feel like I am comforted, humbled, lit from within and transported to the throne of God Himself. When I listen to love songs, I feel like a blushing bride all over again and my heart sings. When I listen to more upbeat songs, I dance with total abandon in the safety of my home, giggle like an infant and allow my moment of joy to envelope me like a blanket. When I take a long walk in a not-so-crowded place, I belt out songs with lyrics that I’ve made up as if I’m a Tony Award-winning singer on Broadway. Music is my fail-proof way of letting the light into my world every single day. Instead of just letting the music be a background sound on my life’s journey, I ensure that I consciously celebrate the happiness and joy I feel during those sessions because, well, I deserve to be happy – every day!

What about you? What’s your fail-proof way of letting the light in? Is it cooking, reading an interesting piece, or drawing? Whatever it is, make sure to invest in it every day, even if just for five minutes. You’ll chase the shadows away and let the light into your life. Go ahead, you deserve it!


About Authour:

Chioma Onyewuchi studied Psychology (with a minor in Communications) at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She has written for as long as she can remember and loves the fact that words can evoke emotions and greatly influence others. She is extremely passionate about using media to showcase the beauty and diversity in Africa, as well as the amazing potential and success of its people. She loves inspiring excellence in others and promoting love and romance in marriage, especially in African families and marriages. She blogs about the latter at


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