Nigerian-American Nimay Ndolo goes from food delivery worker to content creator with deals worth 5 figures

Abu Mubarik April 01, 2024
Nimay Ndolo. Photo: Threads

Get to know Nimay Ndolo, a five-figure content creator whose journey to success began when she was engaged in delivering food in Atlanta. The Nigerian-American said she used her Postmates bag to sneak into a startup company, where she got an interview but did not get the job.

“I used my Postmates bag to sneak into a startup for a software company. I ended up taking them donuts and my resume. I got an interview and didn’t get the job, but I ended up at a freight brokerage,” Ndolo explained to Afrotech in an interview.

Ndolo was dismissed nearly a year into her new job, yet she refused to let her situation define her. With the knowledge of software development she gained in college, she taught herself programs such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and completed a programming boot camp.

She would subsequently become a front-end developer at a marketing firm in Atlanta after working at a few startup companies. Unfortunately, she lowballed herself when she unknowingly asked for $50 per hour while her colleagues were making around $90 to $180 per hour.

After quoting a figure lower than the industry price, she felt the workload pressure, ultimately leading to her exit from corporate America. She went into content creation after growing her social media following and started scoring brand deals.

Since going solo and becoming a content creator, the Nigerian-American said it has allowed her to secure deals up to five figures. She makes money through ads, podcasting, and collaborations.

She currently has over 2.4 million followers on TikTok who regularly tune in to her TikTok to watch her “Gilbert Gottfried-esque, profanity-laden rants about world events, fashion, and sex,” RollingStone wrote.

“Are [TikTok comedians] the trash of the public-facing media? I don’t know,” Ndolo, 29, told RollingStone. “But there is a sort of negativity involved with being an internet person.”

Indeed, the journey to becoming a content creator has not been easy for Ndolo. According to her, she battled depression and experienced burnout but collaborating with other creatives helped. “Back in the day, inspiration used to be left and right,” she said. “Now, it’s more of like a collaborative effort, I would say.”

The content creator recently worked with Penelope Gazin’s Fashion Brand Co. to bring out a shirt line based on a viral video she made.

“We released the shirts at the beginning of Fashion Week [in February 2024], and my audience, they sold it out,” Ndolo shared. “They are so wonderful. I really think I was blessed with such a great audience.”

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