Get Up on Trends from New York Fashion Week!

Renarda Joy February 23, 2015

Renarda Joy

Hey, Beauties!  I (pictured) had the privilege of sponsoring and keying NY Fashion Gallery Fashion Show along with my team, RJNYBEAUTY. What I loved about the looks from 2015 Fall NY Fashion Week was the simplicity that everyday women can rock!  Keep in mind that fashion shows are a season ahead so right now the runway is filled with looks for upcoming fall.

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HIPP RGB nail polish

Runway Trend Alerts: Nails

I saw gold and silver glitter along with berry and nude color nail polishes on many runways.  My favorite, though, was the nude, which is a very elegant shade for any skin tone — including us brown-skinned girls!

You know when you’re looking for the perfect nude hosiery and it’s not the right shade that’s flattering to your skin tone?

Well, I find that nude polishes are easier for us: if the color sounds like something you’d order at coffee shop, then it’s probably good as a nail polish.  

Next time you go shopping for nude polish, try looking for coffee-colored hues, such as cocoa and mocha. These shades are most complimentary on brown skin tones. Sometimes layering two different shades will get you to your perfect nude; in some cases, you will have to experiment until you get the right one.

My favorite nude polish is HIPP x RGB Nail Tint in T4 (pictured).

red lipsRunway Trend Alerts: Lips

No matter where in the world you attend a fashion show — whether it’s Milan, Africa, China, or here in N.Y.C. — red lips always find its way on the runway, because they are timeless and make a beauty statement.

This year, we played with the red lipstick with a brown undertone using more of a brick red shade.

hair accessories eyeliner1

Runway Trend Alerts: Hair Accessories

It isn’t only little girls rocking hair accessories: in fact, hair accessories were a BIG hit on the runway, from hair clips, headbands, combs, scarfs, and hats!

Runway Trend Alerts: Black Eyeliner MAC

Black liner was artfully done!  We created looks with baby wings, full wings, and smudged looks to tightlining.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with tightlining, it’s a tricky eyeliner technique that gives a sort of I’m-not-wearing-any-makeup effect by defining your lash line and making your eyes look subtly brighter.

Similar to waterlining, tightlining involves jabbing eyeliner in between your lashes to make the crops appear more plentiful. My favorite gel liner is MAC Fluidline Black Track (pictured); the consistency is thick and easy to set for longevity.


Runway Trend Alerts: Hair

It’s not uncommon to see a low or high ponytail on the runway.  I was excited to see more creativity than the same ole boring cliché look. Therefore, my team made bows to creative knots to braids, which helped tell a story with the designers’ collections.

Runway Trend Alerts: Gloss

In past seasons, I’ve seen gel and slicked back hair-dos that were soppy wet. This season, my team worked with shine sprays to create a high-gloss wet effect without it being slippery.

I hope you feel you’ve had a front row seat to this season’s NY Fashion Show and that each of you will try to recreate some of the runway looks.

I love trying and experiencing new products. If you have a product that you’d like for me to try and review or if you have a question, please send me a beauty note at  Next week, I will share and review some products that I recently received; the verdict is still out on a few!

Until next time, stay beautiful!


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