Poem: Voice in the Wilderness

Oni Abidemi Martins October 28, 2015


African Child Praising God

The Prophet:

A crusader of the first order

Non-diabolic appearances

Pure and amplified footsteps

Wailing voices like thunders from a thousand chariots

Serious-minded and concerned

Concerns born from needs

Needs habituating in bellies for seasons

The Intent:

Intention alive and brine

Preparation of silent minds

For a race to the end

The beginning of endless wisdoms

A cancellation of disguised boredoms

Likened to destruction of that sodom

Mind brawls against human incompatibility

Gave birth to an eternal shrug and grudge

Which has now, a fully mature soul of tumultuous voices

The Message:

A peaceful glide down the organs

Ears, noses, eyes and bodies through the mouths

A disagreement with snatch and cheat

A combustion busted in the open

For love to some and humiliation to others

A call for a thousand and ten thousand debt repays

For all lucid fumbling over un-owned possessions;

For all vivid overthrow of real assurances

Substituted for vain projects

From stench-filled breathes!!

The Outcome:

A clear but subtle twist of tales

Good for some; otherwise for others

Between good bad and monsters

Its is purity against disparity

A patient wait for the restless strokes of power to tire-out

Hmm……sounds of forced-on acceptance dies soon

And a new voice evolves

For different colors of different colors by various colors

Then their wicked souls’ sins shall be visited

Upon their children and grand children

A time by which we shall have overcome

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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