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Renarda Joy October 26, 2015


Last month I celebrated my birthday — blank stare — and finally accepted the sad truth that, at my age, birthdays are no longer as exciting as they were when I was a child.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to see another year but I’m starting to think differently about my beauty regimen.

I’ve been blessed to have parents that look amazing for their age.  Does that guarantee I’ll be so blessed?!  When you buy a car, you’re told preventive maintenance is required to have longevity.  I’m a firm believer that our bodies are like cars; it requires different preventive maintenance to live at your optimal level.

Now that I’m in my early 40s, I’m starting to have discussions about anti-aging. Someone very special to me gave me a solution and so much more that I want to share with you.  For those of you that are looking to work from home and still have your hands in beauty, read on.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Suddenly Young (pictured) and learn more about product system Jeunesse (pictured), which is geared toward anti-aging with science to back it up!

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Suddenly YoungFace2Face Africa: What exactly is Jeunesse and what’s your involvement?

Suddenly Young: Jeunesse Global is a company focused on anti-aging and increasing life longevity through products that work on our bodies and skin internally and externally. Jeunesse combines breakthrough sciences in a product system, Youth Enhancement System (YES), that enhances youth by working at the cellular level. It also focuses on the health, longevity, tthe renewal of cells and providing a lucrative and balanced compensation plan to help more people make more money. It’s an all-around opportunity for lifestyle enhancement.


F2FA: Initially, what drew you to Jeunesse?

SY: Jeunesse was introduced to me by a marketing client who is an aesthetic physician. When I saw the amazing 2-minute video on Instantly Ageless, I was in awe! Then when I tried the product, well I knew I wanted to be involved. Once I saw the other amazing products, the compensation plan, the ability to earn fully paid trips, and the realization that every second someone around the world is turning 50, I saw the need and the opportunity and jumped in! Jeunesse is the fastest growing direct selling association with the No. 1 selling product (Instantly Ageless) in ALL of direct sales. It has created over 100 millionaires and we are set to do a BILLION dollars this year! It’s only our 6th year in business!

F2FA: Do you use this product?

SY: Yes, I use Instantly Ageless & the Luminesce Skincare line daily on my face. And I take 1 Reserve every morning.

F2FA: You mentioned being a distributor, is the opportunity only for those that reside in the United States and what are some of the benefits to being a distributor?

SY: Jeunesse is currently in 120 countries, and we have about 40 offices all across the world. As a distributor, you can have your own international business! As a distributor, you get distributor pricing and that is 40 to 50 percent off of retail! The other benefit is the opportunity to own your own business, work from home, have a residual income, win free trips, work with fantastic people and have unlimited income potential based on your own efforts.


F2FA: What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

SY: I have had many… but they all come down to the joy I feel in making someone’s life better by becoming successful after joining my Jeunesse team or creating a marketing plan that gets their business profitable. My goal is to help people have a better quality of life.

F2FA: Has being an entrepreneur affected your family life and how many hours do you work on average?

SY: It’s very positive. I’m demonstrating to my children that they can create their own future and that hard work pays off.  Every day is different, but I would say I work 8 to 10 hours per day on my businesses.

F2FA: Before we end this wonderful interview, is there anything exciting going on with Jeunesse that you’d like to share with our readers?

SY: Yes! For the month of October we are giving away Instantly Ageless FREE for all new distributors in the United States and Canada.  Additionally, we are having our Expo of the Americas meeting & training November 13-15 in Orlando, Florida. Lastly, we have a Mediterranean Cruise in May 2016 that any distributor can win and travel on for free just by doing what you were going to do anyway! I have also heard there are more new and exciting things coming before the end of the year, so this is the time to get on board!

F2FA: How does someone interested in learning more about Jeunesse get in touch with you?

SY: My main website is I can be reached via e-mail at, call or text me at 240-670-0048 or via my Facebook Page.

Suddenly Young provided us with a wealth of information, including a business opportunity.  I hope you guys watch the transformation video and connect with her.

If any of you have a specific beauty question or have a product for me to review, please send an e-mail to or follow my beauty journey on Instagram!


lipsUntil next time, stay beautiful!

Xoxo ~RJ

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