BY Mark Babatunde, 1:30pm July 14, 2016,

Political Dynasties: 6 African Presidents Whose Fathers Were Also Presidents

Kenya's late elder statesman Jomo Kenyatta, pictured center with his son Uhuru who went on to lead the country three decades later.

On more than one occasion in Africa, political power in a republic has been transferred directly from father to son. There have also been a number of occasions where the leader or president of an African country is the son of a past president with only a few years or decades separating the father’s regime from the son’s time in office.

Political dynasties are not unique to Africa; history is replete with multiple instances from around the world where sons have gone on to be presidents, following the path of their fathers. America, which prides itself as a model for democracy for the rest of the world, has two examples of father-son Presidents: John Adams and his son John Q. Adams during the nation’s early years, and more recently, George Walker Bush and his father George H.W. Bush.

Here, Face2Face Africa takes a look at six instances in Africa where a son went on to ascend to political power after his father in a system of government that was not a monarchy.

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