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BY Francis Akhalbey, 1:20pm July 23, 2018,

See how Ethiopia prepared for war against Italian colonizers in 1935 [VIDEO]

Ethiopian soldiers gather for an offensive in the Second Italo-Ethiopian War in 1935 -- Photo Credit: CSU Archives/Everett Collection

The First Italo-Ethiopian war, which was fought between 1895 and 1896 left a very sour taste in the mouth of Italy. Led by Emperor Menelik II, Ethiopian troops successfully defeated Italian forces and warded off their attempts at colonizing them.

Italy’s second attempt at invading Ethiopia in the Second Italo-Ethiopian War (1935 – 1939) though successful, was also met with strong Ethiopian resistance under the leadership of Emperor Haile Selassie I. Italy’s defeat in World War II, however compelled them to relinquish control over Ethiopia and formally recognize it as an independent nation.

Take a look at the video of Ethiopia preparing for the war in 1935:

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